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Deliverable 5.1: Communication & Dissemination Plan

During the initial phase of the Preview Project Mediterranean Pearls APS actively engaged in Task 5.1, which focused on the development of a Communication and Dissemination Plan. This document aims to effectively share the project's results with identified target groups and stakeholders throughout the duration of the project. As WP5 coordinator, Mediterranean Pearls APS carefully compiled this plan, also outlining key objectives already achieved such as the creation of the website, social channels, logo, templates, etc.

The C & D Plan then serves as a comprehensive strategy to communicate the results of the Preview project to stakeholders and a wider audience. Our consortium is committed to using different communication channels, tools, and materials to ensure effective dissemination throughout the project. Our approach involves understanding target groups, tailoring key messages, and deploying a range of communication tools within a well-defined timeframe. This plan will be dynamic and will therefore evolve and be continuously updated for the duration of the project.

It will soon be available for download on the project's website. Join us on this journey as we work towards impactful communication and dissemination within the Preview project!
Stay tuned!

Preview Project Deliverable 5.1 - Communication & Dissemination Plan

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