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Deliverable 2.1: Programme Internship Process Mapping

In the initial months of the PREVIEW project, ASE (Bucharest University of Economic Studies) has successfully completed Deliverable 2.1. This deliverable encompasses a comprehensive mapping of internship processes within the context of our project's partner universities.The deliverable is built upon the invaluable insights shared in the annexes by the involved universities regarding the structuring of their internship programs, including adaptations made during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each university partner took on the task of mapping and delineating all stakeholders involved in internships and their roles/responsibilities (faculty and university tutors, students, company HR managers, etc.). As a result, the deliverable covers administrative procedures, required documentation for initiating, managing, and evaluating internships, as well as support measures provided (e.g., interviews, company training sessions, skill development workshops, etc.). Of significant note, the document highlights the importance of remote internship pathways and other activities supporting knowledge and skill development in this new work environment shaped by the digital era.

The annexes offer further insights and essential documents related to the internship process, serving as valuable resources for stakeholders engaged in internships. Overall, this document stands as a valuable asset for universities, students, and industrial partners, providing a robust framework and guidelines for the implementation of successful internships. It contributes to nurturing resilient, employable graduates, equipped to tackle the evolving demands of the workforce.
We're thrilled about this achievement and the positive impact it will have on shaping the future of internships and workforce readiness!

Preview Project Deliverable 2.1 - Programme Internship Process Mapping

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