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Preview Project Progress Report submitted

The report, submitted to the Erasmus+ Indire agency, provides an overview of the project's status following its initial 14 months. Throughout this period, the Erasmus+ PREVIEW project has made significant strides toward achieving its goals.

  • Effective Project Management: A robust project management system has been established, enabling seamless collaboration among partners. Through 6 official meetings, the consortium has diligently discussed achieved results and outlined future plans. A comprehensive project management handbook is available for insights into the system used.
  • Promotion and Communication: Extensive efforts have been invested in promoting the PREVIEW brand identity across social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook), the project website, and video content. Communication activities were conducted at 5 major events, fostering greater visibility and engagement.
  • Innovative Learning Approaches: The consortium worked synergistically to pave the way for innovative learning approaches, focusing on remote working scenarios. Deliverables include comprehensive descriptions of internship processes, surveys to understand ideal remote internships, reports on successful remote courses, and insightful focus groups. Notably, the Preview Remote Internship Blueprint (RIB) outlines the entire internship delivery process, delineating stages and activities involving various stakeholders.

These achievements mark significant strides towards creating university curricula incorporating innovative learning approaches and facilitating seamless transitions from traditional in-person to virtual internship programs, particularly in fields like tourism and cultural heritage.
Stay tuned for more updates on the groundbreaking advancements of Erasmus+ PREVIEW.

Preview Project Progress Report

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