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Deliverable 2.5: Report on SDM Course

In late 2023, Deliverable 2.5 was born. This is a comprehensive report on our Learning and Training Course on Service Design Methodology earlier this year. These collaborative spaces were epicenters of creativity, uniting partners and stakeholders to co-create cutting-edge solutions for Remote Internships. Now, deliverable 2.5 describes in detail both the online and on-site sessions organized by Preview consortium under task 2.3 of the project.
The online session was held on 20-21-22 February, 2023 and was dedicated to theoretical principles and approach to the Service Design Methodology. This online course was open also to HR managers, administrative and teaching staff of each university and interested parties from other PREVIEW partners. The second session was held in Salamanca (27, 28 February - 1, 2 March, 2023) with a more practical approach, as partners collaborated to develop a first draft of Remote Internship Blueprint (RIB) and journey map.

After the Service Design workshop in Salamanca, each university partner hosted a Focus Group. This gathering included students, HR managers, administrative personnel, and teaching staff who had participated in the online Service Design workshop. During these sessions, each university showcased the Remote Internship Blueprint and journey map developed in Salamanca, seeking feedback, comments, and suggestions from the attendees. Subsequently, each university is currently developing its individual Remote Internship Blueprint and journey map.
Based on these iterations, a unified blueprint and journey map reflecting a shared perspective will be designed and unveiled to all participants during Task 2.4.

Deliverable 2.5 will soon be available for download on our website.

Preview Project Deliverable 2.5 - Report on Learning and Training Course about Service Design Methodology

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