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ADI Harghita internship at ASE

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a remote internship within the Preview Project. This internship marked a significant milestone for two students from the Faculty of Business and Tourism at ASE (Bucharest University of Economic Studies). Their commitment and expertise shone brightly throughout this rewarding experience.
During their internship, the primary focus was on creating a database for key stakeholders in the tourism industry. Placed with NGO ADI Harghita, the interns took on diverse responsibilities that required attention to detail and extensive research skills. They conducted thorough online research to identify prominent figures within the tourism sector, gathering vital information and contact details of influencers, online publications, and media platforms across Romania and Europe.
Additionally, they explored various travel agencies offering tour packages to Romanian destinations, both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, they collaborated with local organizations dedicated to promoting tourism and identified relevant TV and radio shows in Romania featuring tourism-related content.

The interns played a crucial role in constructing a comprehensive database essential for the success of the project. Their dedication and meticulous research significantly enhanced connections within the tourism industry, providing a strong groundwork for future endeavors.
We commend these interns for their outstanding dedication and hard work. A heartfelt thank you goes to ADI Harghita for offering them such a valuable opportunity to learn and develop professionally.

Preview Project ADI Harghita internship at ASE

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