Promoting Resilience and Employability in university students through Internships for futurE Work - Grant Agreement n. 2022-1-IT02-KA220-HED-000088742



The aims of this WP are:
  • OS1 To enable all actors involved in the PREVIEW model and defined in the WP2, a set of ICT tools will be selected, developed and integrated creating the PREVIEW Learning/Teaching HUB.
  • OS2 This online platform will allow the actors involved to plan, define and execute all of the activities and tasks that characterize these formative paths through a familiar web interface. The platform will be implemented in a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) which will be further enhanced by and integrated with additional tools to support the pedagogical model and the services identified in PR2 and to enable students to acquire not only the knowledge but also skills and competences.
The tools that can be integrated are:
  • An e-portfolio system.
  • A system to provide certification of acquired skills and competences using open-badge.
  • A document management system.
  • A MOOC environment.
  • Serious Games and Simulation Games.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication systems.
  • An e-assessment services to evaluate student progress
The WP3 is divided into 4 Tasks:
  • Task 3.1 - PREVIEW online digital platform (M8-M20). Led by CNR.
  • Task 3.2 - Learning/teaching HUB (M1-M14). Led by CNR.
  • Task 3.3 - Set of learning resources (M10-M20). Led by USAL.
  • Task 3.4 - Preview HUB training (M19-M20). Led by CNR.

Work Package 3 description

  • Task 3.1 - PREVIEW online digital platform
    An analysis of the PREVIEW Blueprint and pedagogical model emerging from PR2 will be carried out to identify all the activities to be implemented and the best LCMS to offer such services. The online digital platform will allow teachers to create and organize students’ groups and gaming sessions as well as carry out analysis and assess students.
  • Task 3.2 - Learning/teaching HUB
    According to the pedagogical model and services identified in WP2, it will carry out a selection of tools and technical systems from the open-source world to integrate into learning/teaching HUB. For those activities that can’t be implemented using existing software, custom systems will be implemented.
  • Task 3.3 - Set of learning resources
    A set of learning resources to develop the five key remote competencies will be developed. Finally, the learning resources will be inserted into the learning/teaching platform and organized as a MOOC. This task will be coordinated by the Institute University of Salamanca and elaborated jointly with the other university. For each of the key remote competencies (such as Communication, Integrity, Self-Management, Growth Mindset, Digital Proficiency)a specific learning paths and learning resources will be developed and integrated into the learning/teaching HUB. The platform will allow teachers to modify and adapt the learning paths developed by integrating activities and resources ad-hoc. Every path will allow students to acquire a competence that can be certified through a badge automatically released from the platform.
  • Task 3.4 - Preview HUB training
    Learning activity named Mentoring and skill development in remote Internships it will be a peer to peer training since in innovative skill development methodology

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