Promoting Resilience and Employability in university students through Internships for futurE Work - Grant Agreement n. 2022-1-IT02-KA220-HED-000088742


Work Package 1Project Management

The WP1 - Project management led by CNR ISMED aims to ensure that the project meets its entire objectives on time, on budget and in compliance with Project proposal as well as Erasmus+ administrative and financial rules.
The project management complies with the following principles: 1) creating an integrated project structure incorporating partner coordination as well as issues of commonplace business operation; 2) reaching an agreement of all partners and guaranteeing a harmonized decision-making procedure.
The project management will also ensure that crucial horizontal principles will be respected along all the WPs, including sustainable development, equal opportunity and non-discrimination, equality between men and women, and environment protection. High importance is given to the risk and quality management. The project management will also ensure a consistent Project financial Management System and Continuous monitoring report.

Governance structure

  1. Project Coordinator (PC)
    The PC shall be the intermediary between the Parties and the Funding Authority and in particular will perform all tasks assigned to it as described in the Grant Agreement from Members, in the Consortium Agreement and all other contractual documents. Project Coordinator is CNR.
  2. Steering Committee (SC)
    The SC is the decision-making body of the consortium and consists of one representative of each party (“Member”). The SC will monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the project. The Steering Committee will be composed by one representative of each Partner.
  3. WP Lead Partner (WPL)
    The WPL is responsible for delivering specific project objectives within the constraints of the project in each country partner.
  4. The Dissemination and Communication Unit (DCU)
    Headed by Mediterranean Pearls consists of project internal experts.
  5. The Technical and Administrative unit
    Headed by a chief administrator from the Project Coordinator CNR consisting of one representative from all the Partners is responsible for financial and administrative accountability consistent with funding requirements.
  6. The Quality Management Committee (QMC)
    Headed by CNR is responsible for the impact evaluation of the different deliverables.

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